12:30am and still out in the shop...  2-16-22

12:30am and still out in the shop... 2-16-22

Pretty long day today...  Sometimes it feels like we don't get much done, until I start editing all the video clips.  

I'm definitely in the 700R4 business now!  I scored 2 of them today at a friend's shop.  The first one I picked out had a manual valve body, and that definitely won't work for Vicki's truck.  The other was pretty dirty, but I bought both for one good price.  So I guess that just means I've got another one for the next street rod or hot rod cruiser project!  

Once we got the transmissions home, we measured the 700R4 vs the cast iron 3 speed and they are 8.5" difference in length.  And they use a different yoke. So another trip to the driveshaft shop is in order soon.

I did manage to get a new TV cable and a TCI servo installed tonight, but I didn't have anyone to film me working.  All I need to finish up the transmission now is a fluid filter, and install new front and rear seals.

Jeremy and Kenny worked here in the shop all day and got quite a bit done. Jeremy started working on patching the top of the cab above the windshield today, and Kenny painted the new wheels with some help from my friend Mark down at A1 Auto Parts that custom matched and mixed the paint for us in aerosol cans.  New video will be posted up tomorrow night or early morning.  

-The Old Man